Hinge was founded with the belief that technology should enhance the real world, not replace it. They’ve created a dating experience that mirrors meeting through friends - but is much smarter and more effective. They do this by intelligently curating potential matches from your extended friend network, creating a transparent environment where you can see school, workplace and other details that matter, then when there’s a mutual match, helping move the conversation offline. Essentially, they’re creating “Facebook for dating” - the go-to place to find people that you’d actually want to date and be in a relationship with.

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Together, Hinge + Uber Let You #DateInStyle


At Hinge, we want you to actually go out and meet cool people, instead of just endlessly swiping through randoms until your fingers go numb. 

During our crusade for making real-life connections, we also made a friend - Uber. They share our belief that the curbside battle for a cab is no way to start a great date.

Starting today, meeting your matches is going to be more simple and seamless than ever. You can now order an Uber directly from your Hinge chat, and arrive to your date in style.

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How to Meet Your Neighbors


It’s moving season! That means it’s almost time to meet your new neighbors. Making a great first impression is important, because it creates an instant sense of local camaraderie. Plus, if you really nail it, they may even invite you over for a glass of that weird, sweet wine they make in their bathtub, while you listen to Hall & Oates. But let’s not get greedy.

So how will you do it?

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