Timed Matches: Behind the Scenes


Today, the team at Hinge launched a new feature: Timed Matches which prompts conversation in 24 hours, expires matches after 14 days, and allows you to re-match at a later date. The launch was in response to consistent two user requests:

1) Our users have asked for a feature that allows for re-matches: a second-chance to make a first impression. Sometimes, the timing isn't right when you match with someone. They are on vacation. You had a hard week. One of you just started dating someone else. Whatever the reason, sometimes the stars just aren't aligned and a message isn't sent. Further, sending a message 6 months after matching when the time is right isn't ideal.

Timed matches gives users the chance to "re-match" at another time, so the person doesn't pass you by forever.

2) Our users have asked for a feature that helps identify who actually wants to talk, versus who's just matching to match. At Hinge, we're focused on helping users find meaningful connections offline, not just swiping and matching. So, after receiving many user emails, survey responses, and focus group insights asking us to help people identify which of their matches actually wants to meet up in real life - we listened.

Timed matches weed out those connections that were likely going nowhere, and give second chances to those where the timing just wasn't right.



Here's a little insight into the research process that informed the decision to launch timed matches.

  1. We held 6 months worth of intensive focus groups
  2. We surveyed our user base extensively
  3. We tested this feature with our beta testers
  4. And finally, we tested this feature in Omaha, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, and Denver before releasing it to the whole market



The majority of the feedback we have received from users in our test markets has been positive (and also frequently unsolicited - i.e. users writing in to let us know the new feature had substantially improved their experience despite their initial hesitations about it.)

The main concern we have heard repeatedly is that Hinge users are busy and the feature forces them to act under time constraints that are too strict.

Don't stress! We launched this feature because you're busy, and deserve second chances to make a first impression. Timed matches give you the opportunity to re-match and talk to someone when the timing is right for both of you.



Though our data has shown that this feature significantly increases the chances that your match will message you, we appreciate hearing real time feedback from our users as well, because, of course, not everyone will agree - and each opinion is valid and will be passed on to the team - so feel free to reach out to us at hello@hinge.co with further insights!