Starting Today, Hinge Users Will Disclose Their Relationship “Intentions”

Know What You’re Getting Yourself Into Before You Match

An article in Vanity Fair recently blamed popular dating apps for propagating the “hookup culture.” It got us thinking: what else could we be doing to ensure Hinge is a trustworthy place, where intentions are clear, and users know what to expect? To address this issue:

  1. First, we surveyed users to better understand their intentions on the app (only 2% are looking for hook-ups).

  2. Second, today we launched a feature that asks users to disclose those relationship “intentions” with their matches.

1. Survey User Intentions:

We surveyed a sample of 1,500 users about why they use Hinge. We learned that 63% are looking for a relationship, 33% are looking for dates, and a mere 2% are looking for a hookup.

2. Launching “Intentions” on Hinge Profiles:

Hinge 3.7 (released today) encourages users to share their relationship “intentions” with their matches. Users are now asked to disclose if they are looking for a relationship, a date, or a casual hookup. This feature empowers our users to swipe smarter, and only match with those who have the same intentions.

We want your experience to feel as real and honest as possible, and we’ll continue to invest in trust and transparency on Hinge. If you have any questions, thoughts, or feelings to share with us, send us a note at


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