San Francisco’s Top 15 Most Attractive Workforces

We’ve been back to our number-crunching ways again (it’s so satisfying!), only this time we went West Coast. After plenty of research on behalf of the nerds, we get to share the most attractive workforces in San Francisco. 

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Most Atrractive Workforces SF2 Overall

Rankings are based on “favorite-rates” (aka percentage of time a user is “liked,” or swiped right). 

Furthering the Silicon Valley stereotype, both the men and women of SF seem equally smitten with the tech scene - apps and websites make up most of the companies in the full list. Can’t say we didn’t see that one coming, and the proof is in the wired, mobile pudding.

When we threw gender filters into the mix, we discovered some industry competition. 

Most Atrractive Workforces Men vs Women

Amongst the ladies, we discovered the spin war — PR agencies LaunchSquad and OutCast Agency both landed in the top few spots. And not far behind them was the battle of lady retail (Levi’s vs. Sephora), with cosmetics ultimately trouncing denim by 3 positions. 

As expected, the men’s list had the financiers and consultants repping strongly, with BlackRock taking the lead. However, the title of top dog went to Lyft, so app-based, consumer start-ups were ultimately able to claim their rightful throne in tech land.

So what do you think? Any celebrations? Protests? Weird desire to spontaneously eat a Sushirrito? Let us know! AND if you want to meet some of these foxes, we’ve got you covered.